We play nice
with others.

Conflux Group prides itself in building strong partnerships to provide clients with integrated service offerings

We know that to make a great planet or a great city or a great website, it takes a team. Below are some of the teams (people and companies) that we love collaborating with. Whether they are SEO experts, brand gurus or design prodigies, they do great work. And who can argue with that? Not us.

Our team of friendly experts helps us flex from the smallest projects to the largest ones while keeping our overhead low—helping us deliver you the best value.

Kyle Cotter, Cotter Interactive

Kyle is our go-to guy for front-end development and design. He brings fresh design concepts together with lean and efficient code, delivering the best possible front-end experience for our clients.

Valerie DiCarlo, SEO Web Consulting

We've worked with Valerie on dozens of projects, from single page landing pages to large-scale e-commerce sites. As an SEO consultant and project manager, she helps her clients get their sites seen by the widest audience possible, and she brings us in to provide the technical backend to bring her expertise alive on the web.

Dan Diemer, Web Developer

Dan brings expertise in PHP, ExpressionEngine and other tools to the table, helping us build maintainable, efficient website backends for our clients.

Gail Martin, OrangeLine Consulting

Gail brings years of branding experience to help clients build and define their brands, and she comes to us to bring those brands to the web.

Jennica Stevens, Content Marketing Strategist

Jennica understands that content is the center of your online marketing strategy. She provides strategic planning and writing to help bring our client sites to life.