We built our business on ExpressionEngine, and we know it like the back of our hands. ExpressionEngine has been around for years. It’s stable and solid and supported by a company dedicated to maintain and grow the platform. Formerly a commercial application, ExpressionEngine went fully open source in 2018.

Many content management systems started off as simple blogging engines, or they bring with them the limits of managing content on a page-by-page basis, or they lock you in to specific layouts and themes built for someone else’s website. From the outset, these popular tools look like the way to go. The time it takes to get a site up and running is miniscule. But someday you’ll meet their limits.

ExpressionEngine brings an entirely different model of content management to your website. No longer is your content tied to a specific page or section of your site, and no longer are your templates limited to the features and layout of your selected theme.

ExpressionEngine screenshot

Content and Presentation Separation

ExpressionEngine is first and foremost a tool to manage your content. While other systems like WordPress require you to shoehorn your content into one of two types—pages or posts—ExpressionEngine natively allows you to have many types of content on your site, like events, job listings, products, press releases, store locations or, well, anything you can imagine. Your content editors won’t have to remember specific formatting to use when inputting posts for each of these types. Instead, the fields shown on screen are custom-tailored to the type of content you’re entering, and no markup is required. The end result is that the content stored in the backend database is squeaky clean, ready to be displayed on your site in any way you can imagine.

On the other side of the system lie your templates. They work like plain HTML files, and your look and feel is never limited by an out-of-the-box theme. Any front-end code that can be written by a developer can be tied into your ExpressionEngine backend and made editable through the control panel.

Extreme Extensibility

While ExpressionEngine is extremely powerful out of the box, even more powerful features can be added through a library of free and commercial third party add-ons. These tools, built by dedicated developers who love ExpressionEngine as much as we do, add a myriad of additional functionality, such as e-commerce, searching and filtering, image editing, importing and exporting data and more. And the best part is you can pick and choose the functionality you need, so your site isn’t bogged down with a boat load of unnecessary software. This keeps the site running quickly and efficiently.

Help! This makes no sense to me!

While ExpressionEngine and its library of add-ons are extremely powerful and easy to use, Conflux Group is here to help. We’ll help you determine if ExpressionEngine is the right tool for your project and help you build out your site the right way. You can’t go wrong when you’re backed by our years of experience and numerous  projects completed with ExpressionEngine. In the end, all you need to know is how to log in and update your site’s content, and for the rest, we’ve got you covered.

Want to learn more?

We’re ExpressionEngine experts, so no matter what challenges you face, we can help. From simple site setups, to complex e-commerce stores and even custom add-ons, we’re prepared to deliver.

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