Who are we? And where did we come from?

Conflux Group is a New York-based web development and strategy consulting firm focused on providing website development services to businesses and non-profits of all sizes.

Founded in 2010, Conflux Group is the product of president and lead developer, Jeremy Gimbel’s nearly 20 years of web experience.

We believe that any size organization can benefit from a well-planned and well-executed web presence. It is important that any organization has sites and tools tailored to its audience, with clear actions for its viewers - whether the goal of the site is sales, donations, or product and service awareness. Our goal is to help our clients build connections with those they are trying to reach.

We value customized solutions. While other firms provide turnkey out-of-the-box websites, we focus on customizing solutions to the individual needs of the client’s organization. No two organizations are the same, and because of that, a rigid turnkey solution often leads to compromises in requirements when using prepackaged tools.

In addition to a wealth of experience in web development, project management, copywriting, marketing, social media and fundraising provided in-house, Conflux Group brings to the table the talents of a tight network of experienced developers and designers as they are needed for projects. While relying on partners to assist in providing the full range of client services, Conflux Group staff ensures high quality results that satisfy our clients’ needs.

We’re passionate about the web. In just a short time, the web has transformed the way the world thinks about information, and we’re excited to help any organization reach its full potential with our industry experience, expertise, high-quality design and strong technical foundations. Web development is what we do for work, but it’s also what we do for fun.

We love to build awesome websites and tools.