Craft CMS is a powerhouse of a content management system. Newer to the market than WordPress, Drupal, and ExpressionEngine, Craft follows a similar model of separating content from presentation. Craft is built on the Yii framework with the Twig templating engine and paired with a smooth, beautiful control panel interface. The codebase is more modern and extensible than many older CMSes in the marketplace, providing not only an excellent content management system, but also an application framework that can be the backend for many web applications.

We’ve been tracking and using Craft since it came out in beta, and we love using it.

Craft CMS screenshot

Extreme Power and Extendability

Craft comes with so much out of the box. Unlike other platforms that may require 10-15 add-ons or plugins to complete a site, Craft’s feature set offers a wide breadth of tools, enabling us to build highly complex sites with very few additional plugins.

However not everything is included, and Craft has a powerful plugin architecture and a growing library of third party plugins when you need them. The makers of Craft run a plugin marketplace that makes finding and vetting plugins a straightforward process.

Templates Reloaded

Craft uses the Twig templating engine, which makes building efficient front-ends on the Craft backend a breeze. The markup is completely independent from the content and plugins, so we’re able to take HTML code from any web designer and connect it to an easy-to-use control panel.

Take it a step further and Craft CMS can act as a backend content provider for modern single page apps (SPAs) and mobile applications. The CMS exposes powerful APIs in both REST and GraphQL formats, making your content usable virtually anywhere.

That’s a lot of nerd talk. But what’s it all mean?

A lot of the beauty of Craft is found in the parts that only developers see, but you can take our word for it when we say that Craft is an excellent tool to build your site. A strong developer experience with a platform like Craft enables us to deliver performant, reliable websites and applications in a very efficient way.

Even though Craft hasn’t been around as long as many of the big names in the CMS game, we’ve been using it from the beginning, so we have a deep understanding of how it works and what it can do.

Are you ready to connect with us about how you might use Craft for your next website project? We’re ready to talk it through and help you make an informed decision to ensure your project is a success. Let’s talk about Craft.