CMS Add-on Development

Extending and customizing your content management system

With the invention of the wheel came an innate dislike of re-inventing it. At Conflux Group we're no exception. As a company, we value our time and our clients budgets enough to know that often it's a better choice to extend existing high-quality tools than it is to start over from scratch.

Because of this, we specialize in working with, and extending content management platforms, such as ExpressionEngine and Craft. Both of these content management systems are both extremely flexible and extremely powerful, allowing us to spend less time building the basics of your site and more time tailoring custom solutions to the unique needs of your business or organization.

Over the years we've built countless custom add-ons for these systems, including two commercially-available add-ons for ExpressionEngine: PaternitEE and Page Helper.

But we're not just focused on our add-on products, we can build custom tools to suit any business needs. In the past we've created add-ons to:

  • Manage event registrations
  • Enable subscription billing
  • Add custom shipping rules to e-commerce sites
  • Improve security of content management systems
  • Connect e-commerce sites to backend inventory management systems
  • Create mobile app APIs
  • Manage and display external customer account information
  • Synchronize external calendars with websites
  • And more

No matter what you need, we can build it to meet your requirements.

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Or check out our commercially-available add-ons: PaternitEE and Page Helper