With a couple of simple tags, PaternitEE allows you to easily replace native ExpressionEngine categories and category groups with Playa or relationships fields.

Imagine a world where you don’t need ExpressionEngine’s native categories anymore.

Yes, really.

Native categories suck, and many ExpressionEngine developers are turning to alternative solutions such as using Playa or the recently-“enhanced” native relationships field.

Finding the entries related to a category using this method is fairly simple. But relationships are messy, and when it comes to multiple relationships fields linking multiple parents and children, you might end up on Maury Povich awaiting the results of a paternity test.

Enter PaternitEE. With a couple simple template tags that work just like exp:channel:entries, or a set of GET variables, you can filter and find the parent entries of your relationship children and work with them in the same way you would any other entries in ExpressionEngine.

PaternitEE is the missing link for using Playa and relationships fields instead of native categories.

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