Page Helper

The built-in ExpressionEngine Pages module is, well, just a bit clunky.

How do you tell your client what a Page URI is, and why they need to have
one of those in addition to a URL Title?

Page Helper is here to make the Pages module just a little more friendly.

When a content editor creates a new entry, two new fields and a button are added
just above the Pages URI field, no matter which tab it’s on.

The first field has a list of all the existing pages in the site. Select a page
from the menu to use as a parent page, prepending that page’s URI to the new

The second field represents the last segment of the Page URI. It automatically
duplicates the URL title by default, but the user can change it anything
they want.

Lastly, click the Update Page URL button, and the two fields will be combined
together and inserted into the Page URI field.

There’s no configuration, and the only requirement is that the Pages module is
installed first. The rest just works.

Page Helper is only $7.00 on Devot:ee »