Two Reasons Why We Chose Craft

A brief overview, without trying to start a flame-war

For years, we've been an almost-exclusively ExpressionEngine (EE) development shop. We've completed dozens of project with EE, from small brochure sites, to e-commerce sites, to custom add-ons and more. We know it in and out.

So when it came time to rebuild our own website, why did we switch?

This is where you might expect us to wax eloquent about our religious conversion experience from ExpressionEngine to Craft. But it's not like that. Our switch came down to two simple reasons.

Eating our own dog food.

We are strong proponents of the age-old adage, eat your own dog food. As a services company, we can't sell our clients a product that we wouldn't use ourselves. And what better way to use it than for our own company website?

Building our own site with Craft helped us evaluate the product, learn its ins and outs and explore the Craft plugin landscape. Though not our first Craft site, this site build enabled us to dig deeper into a great new content management system. And our learnings and experience in doing so will help us to deliver more value to our clients.

Broadening Our Horizons

It's easy to stick with what you know. Learning new things is hard. With web development booming and new tools hitting the market all the time, we've learned that it's important to not just know one tool well, but instead grow a body of knowledge about a variety of tools.

Craft is just one more content management tool in our toolbelt that we can bring to the table when we're helping our clients plan and execute their web marketing strategies. Craft certainly isn't the right tool for every job, but our experience thus far helped us learn which projects we can rely on Craft for, and for which projects we should look to another tool.

We're definitely excited to be working with a new tool, and we've been thrilled with our experience with Craft thus far, but we won't be abandoning ExpressionEngine anytime soon. Want to talk with us about our experience or have us help you plan out and build your new website? Get in touch with us.